4 August 2016

year 10 summer homework reminder

A reminder to year 10 pupils. your homework is due in on the first day back. ANY problems you can contact me over the holiday using the following email address:

Don't leave it until the last minute and then realise there is a problem! 

If you have forgotten what the homework was or have lost your information, scroll back a few posts and you will find a copy on here!


21 July 2016


Wishing everyone a restful Summer Break, don't forget to contact me if there are any problems with GCSE homework- billingham.c@meole.co.uk - no excuses!

Have a wonderful holiday- see you in September.


28 June 2016

7Y2: Exploring Watercolour

7Y2 had a great lesson today using watercolour paints. We first thought about primary and secondary colours by MIXING. Then worked on achieving a solid colour with no white gaps and neat edges through CONTROLLING before independently EXPLORING alternative techniques. Some fantastic results- massive well done!




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20 June 2016

John Denaro Workshop 2016

Some great work underway with year 10 in the John Denaro Workshop...

25 May 2016

art club

it's a busy one tonight! some wonderful things happening! 


24 May 2016

GCSE Art Exhibition 2016

The GCSE Art Exhibition 2016 will take place in both art rooms and along B-Corridor. The private view is on Wednesday 15 June 5.30-7.00 and is open to students, family and friends.

The exhibition will also be open to the public as part of the Big, Free Fun Day event on Saturday 25th June 2016 from 1-3pm.

This is a great opportunity to view the fantastic work produced over the past two years as part of the GCSE course.


20 May 2016

mental health awareness week

pop art words:8y2

some great work from 8y2 this afternoon inspired by Roy Lichtensteins comic book art! 


Year 10c Homework: Sheet 2

Here is some info on Sheet 2 to help with your deadline. Think carefully about the quality of your written language. You need to explain your ideas not just describe them.

You need to cover the following areas: OPINION/ MEANING/ VISUAL/ COLOURS/ TECHNIQUE/ INFO/ MATERIALS


  • 'I really like this artist's work because it is interesting and eye catching. I like the use of materials and it works really well' - LOW LEVEL
  • 'I feel that the artist's work is successful as they use a range of materials in an interesting way. I particularly find the use of paint interesting as the colours are able to blend much more smoothly. If this were my work I would like to try this technique using blended pencil so I could achieve crisper edges' - HIGH LEVEL



pop art words:8y2

some great work from 8y2 this afternoon inspired by Roy Lichtensteins comic book art! 


10 May 2016

last 11a lesson today!

today was 11a's last ever art lesson so we celebrated in usual style- with cake. a few tears and a group hug later it was time for lunch/ third lunch French (liv!)  I wish you all the best in your exams and know you will smash them-  please don't be strangers- keep in touch to let me know how things are going! 


28 April 2016


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7y2: Jason Scarpace inspired fish

Year 7 have been looking at texture and pattern in reference to Jason Scarpace's work 'A fish of many parts'.

Today we used self set specific targets and DIRT time to make active improvements- the work speaks for itself! 

Super job 7Y2


20 April 2016

Year 8 Homework: Pop Art

Here is the video from lesson which will help you with Task 1 of your homework!
Don't forget to use super creative presentation techniques- you are aiming for a higher level than your previous homeworks!

Good Luck

19 April 2016

Miss Billingham's 10A Homework

10a, your portrait and your mind map should be fully complete by Monday's lesson please. Some fantastic starts seen today and brilliant peer-feedback. Images to follow!


14 April 2016

Welcome back!

Welcome back to Summer Term! A reminder that Art Club for all years is on Wednesdays 3.10-4.00 in both Art rooms! Please come along and give it a try!

Year 8 pupils have been set their Pop Art homework this week and have two weeks to complete it. Pupils are encouraged to use Art Club to make a start on this.

GCSE Art Club runs on Mondays and Wednesdays. Year 10 pupils should be attending at least one session per week to support the work they do in lessons!