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7 April 2017


The GCSE art exam is now over! (phew!) Some brilliant work has been produced and on the whole, behaviour was exemplary from all students- well done.

Pupils now have 4 weeks to improve their coursework projects (they have been given individual feedback for this). The final deadline for this is Friday 5th May 3.30pm.

After this, the marks will be finalised and submitted to the exam board and the course will be complete. Pupils may then use their lesson time in art to revise for other exams


30 March 2017


The exam is fast approaching and will take place from 3-6th April. Each pupil will sit two 5 hour days. Please find clear information below regarding the running of the exam and deadlines for coursework. As always, if there are any questions please do let me know. billingham.c@meole.co.uk.

You will NOT be allowed to access the computers during the exam as you cannot have access to internet so any images you need to print will need to be done BEFORE the exam.

  • ·        You may not communicate with each other during the 10 hours
  • ·        Phones off and in bags. Bags and jackets in designated areas
  • ·        You will have breaks as normal and will have to vacate the room during breaks. You will have a first lunch sitting
  • ·        The only thing your teacher can help you with is getting materials you can’t find


On the 2nd of your exam days, you must hand in the WHOLE exam project (any work since January) at 3pm. If you do not bring the project with you to the exam on the second exam day, we cannot accept it late and therefore it will not be marked


After the exam, you have 4 weeks until the 5th May at 3.30pm to improve your coursework projects – ( FOOD, SELF IDENTITY & MOCK EXAM) remember these are worth 60% of your Art GCSE so it is vital that you act on feedback given to you to give yourself the best chance of a good grade.
o   On the 5th may you will hand EVERYTHING in to us and we then mark it and send off the marks to the exam board. After this point you will NOT be allowed to make any changes to anything and your Art GCSE will be complete. Any work handed in late will NOT BE MARKED

23 March 2017

year 10 self identity portraits

10A have made a brilliant start on their portraits which are starting off the Identity project, project 2 of 3.
The deadline for full completion is Monday next week and after this we will begin mind mapping and gathering images linking to the theme.

Super impressed!

14 March 2017

y8 outstanding achievements

Certificates will be making their way to the following year 8 pupils amongst others, who have really impressed me with their effort and persistence in creating their portrait final pieces.None of these pupils found it 'easy', but they worked hard and eventually produced some fantastic work.

A huge well done to all pupils, some of whom have even been staying at breaks to finalise everything!
  • Adom B
  • Holly A
  • Jack L
  • Jakob D
  • Kerri E
  • Faith H
  • Sophie K
  • Jay S
  • Cerys S
  • Austin M
  • Timson L
  • Wiktoria B
  • John M
  • Lily A

13 March 2017

YEAR 11: 14 school days left until exam

As promised, there will be additional art club times available for year 11 art pupils in the lead up to your exam. Please find below the times for this week (W/C 13th March) and next week (W/C 20th March)

Check back for updates or check twitter @meolebraceart

#powerthrough #yougotthis #workhard

7 March 2017

incredible y8 portraits: finished!

year 8's are almost finished with their self portraits, and the outcomes are fantastic. Lots more images from other groups will follow once finalised!


15 February 2017


an amazing day in liverpool with year 10 pupils. brilliant behaviour and loads of different art on display. head to our twitter for lots more pictures! @meolebraceart


8 February 2017

lovely busy art club

some great work happening tonight in art club with lots of pupils working on their own ideas!

7 February 2017

BRILLIANT effort from 8G1 making progress towards their portraits

Some very careful looking has been happening in 8g1's lesson today and the results are brilliant! One more lesson to complete these and then we will be working on exciting printed and colourful backgrounds. 

More images can be seen on our twitter page @meolebraceart






30 January 2017

gorgeous year 9 homeworks!

Year 9 are looking at Street Art and have been working towards a piece in the style of  'Blu'. In lessons we are designing characters in his simplified and repetitive style. Here are some of their homework responses- really pleased with these!


18 January 2017

cakes at art club!

Tonight was a treat.....!

At art club last week we were talking about how great it would be if we had a little something to eat while getting creative- obviously the theme of CAKE cropped up (!)
So we decided that each week art clubbers will take it in turn to provide scrummy treats for art club. Last night I lay awake wondering what delights there would be to sample!

Sophie W 7S1 did not disappoint! BROWNIES! Amazing effort Soph thanks!

Looking forward to next weeks cupcakes from Milly D 7G2!

..Oh, and if you are looking for photographic evidence of said brownies, they were consumed in the space of 5 minutes! YUM!

p.s. I definitely didn't have 2 !

12 January 2017


Art Exam- Deadlines and timing-Underlined dates are hand in dates for that task.
Class time
Home work
9/1/17, 10/1/17, 11/1/17, 17/1/17
This is the most important section!
Issue date. Read though paper, discuss possible questions, PowerPoint on possible artists
Complete sheet
Gather images and Mind map
Gather images, take 10 photographs to go with chosen question. Complete mind map
Bring in something to draw- Object or Photograph
·         Mind map
·         Gathered images presented
·         10 photographs to go with question
18/1/17, 23/1/17,
Drawing lesson – Using one of your photographs( for highest marks), images or object draw to the best of your ability
Complete drawing
·         Take books/sheets in for assessing
·         Pencil drawing
·         Biro drawing or continuous line etc…
24/1/17, 25/1/17, 31/1/17,
Artist research one
Include: Info, images, copy, copy of one of your images in the style of the artist
·         Continue at home Take books/sheets for marking
·         Artist research page
1/2/17, 6/2/17, 7/2/17,
Artist research two
Include: Info, images, copy,  copy of one of your images in the style of the artist
Continue at home
·         Take books/sheets for marking
·         Artist research page
8/2/17, 14/2/17, 15/2/17, 27/2/17, 28/2/17, 1/3/17
Use a wide variety of techniques, combine ideas with artist research, paint/draw/print/collage/clay your photographs in the style of your chosen artists.
Experiment with backgrounds.

Continue at home and afterschool
·         Take books/sheets for marking
·         Experiment with ideas
·         Backgrounds
·         Combine images
·         Draw/paint/print from own photographs
·         Annotate and label everything
7/3/17, 8/3/17, 13/3/17, 14/3/17, 15/3/17,
Three final design ideas:
Sketch out, try out three possible ideas
Continue at home and afterschool
·         Take books/sheets for marking
·         Three ideas
·         Practised techniques
·         Explored layout
·         annotate
21/3/17, 22/3/17, 27/3/17, 28/3/17, 29/3/17
Read feedback given and work back into exam prep
Continue at home and afterschool
·         Take books/sheets for marking
·         Complete all tasks given to improve exam prep.
Art Exam:
Complete a piece of work in 10 hours that links with your exam preparation
All work handed in for moderation.
·         Exam prep
·         10 hour piece


Class time
Home works
9th Jan >
Issue date. Read though paper, discuss possible questions, PowerPoint on possible artists
Complete sheet
Gather images and Mind map
Gather images, take 10 photographs to go with chosen question. Complete mind map
Bring in own photos to draw from
WEEK 1/2
DRAWING lesson – Using one of your photographs (for highest marks), or images to draw using pencil. Show really careful skill
Complete drawing +
Bring in 5 images for artist 1
WEEK 2/3
Include: Info, images, copy, copy of one of your images in the style of the artist
Continue at home/ art club
WEEK 4/5
Include: Info, images, copy,  copy of one of your images in the style of the artist
Continue at home/ art club
WEEK 6-9
Use a wide variety of techniques to explore with YOUR OWN IMAGES AND DRAWINGS

combine ideas with artist research, paint/draw/print/collage/clay

 Take any extra photos to go with your theme- you can’t introduce new images after this point

Experiment with backgrounds.

Continue at home and art club
WEEK 9-11
Create 3 mini final pieces linking to your explorations and annotate explaining where your ideas have come from and what is successful/ unsuccessful.
It should be clear where the ideas have come from- you can’t add a new image in at this point.
You could also create little sample strips of colours/materials for background testers etc.
Continue at home and art club

WEEK 11-12
Catch up week. Finish everything off- you can grid up an image or background in preparation for your final piece
Continue at home and afterschool

APRIL 3/4/5/6TH
Choose one of your 3 final piece ideas and make it on a large scale. Choose the idea that you think will best show off your skill
All work handed in for moderation. After this point you can’t have the work back to improve.

11 January 2017

GCSE Art Exam

Prep is now underway for the real AQA GCSE Art exam with year 11 pupils. All work produced in prep for the 10 hour exam is worth 75% of their exam grade, with the final exam piece being worth 25%.
Make sure deadlines are met and that work is of the highest possible quality as once you hand this project in, there's no going back!

All pupils have been emailed a powerpoint to get their ideas flowing. There will be lesson by lesson focuses leading up to the end point.

As always, any problems, email your art teacher.
Art club back to the normal days of Monday and Wednesday.


16 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Some great things have gone on this term at Meole- have a look at the Christmas 2016 Newsletter to find out more at : 

click here for Christmas Newsletter 2016

We hope parents, carers, pupils and staff have a wonderful and relaxing break- see you in January!


14 December 2016

7G2 cake sale

In not so arty news... 7G2 held a Christmas cake sale in aid of Cancer Research UK and managed to raise £58 selling a range of tasty treats! A big thank you to all those who bought cakes or donated them!